Jumper Annex at Caledon Equestrian Park, in  Palgrave Ontario.


I thought a brief history might be in order here.

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, work for a large Survey & Engineering firm and my hobby is photography.

I first began my interest in photography around 1965, having received an old Kodak box camera from my father. From this I moved into Pentax 35mm SLR cameras in the 1970's, learning to process and print my own B&W films.

I traveled extensively with the survey firm I work for and this led to great opportunity's for photographing Canada. Some of these pictures have been used in company literature and websites.

My interest in Equine photography started  a few years after my daughter began to ride, in the early 1990's. I attended a few shows, took pictures of her, which lead to more people asking for pictures. After a while this became a full time weekend working hobby.


In 2001 I moved to digital cameras, the Nikon D1, and Canon photo quality printers and began offering onsite viewing and prints. I have recently moved to the Nikon D2H digital SLR which fearures greater control of colour,lighting and shooting speed. In 2004 we began posting proofs of shows on this site,instead of doing onsite printing,however can be available onsite. We do mostly Schooling, Trillium , Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Reining etc.

If you are in the West Durham, York or King area and would like a photographer at your horse show, please contact us. See the main page for info.

I am now a contributing photographer for several magazines and newsletters related to the equine sports, published in a book about the history of the Toronto Mounted Police Unit, and publish Yearbooks and Calendars for the boarding stable we have been at since 1997.

I take great pride in my work and offer quality digital and film proofs and enlargements.